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Teach English in China


Turn one year abroad into a lifetime of memories!



Attend a company sponsored social or cultural event from city tour, food scouting to handicraft art.



Join a supportive community of EF staff and teachers from day one. Meet like-minded people just like you.



EF’s world-class teacher development program with certification courses are offered inclusively.

An experience you will never forget

EF English First is looking for enthusiastic go-getters and adventurers to join us in China for the experience of a lifetime. Every year hundreds of graduate from all kinds of backgrounds and majors join us in China to teach English. We’re offering you the opportunity to live and work abroad, experience new places, new cultures, travel in your spare time, and earn a full time salary.

You don’t need any teaching experience or to speak Chinese. EF will provide you with all the training and qualifications you need. We’ll even pay for your flight to China if you join us in one of our select locations.

All you have to do is submit an application, have your interview, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Experience your EF Journey with Michael.
From application to arrival, here's what you can expect

Teach English, travel and train with EF English First



The world’s oldest civilization is continually updating with a fresh, modern face. Enjoy the amazing cityscapes and vibrant mega city lifestyle or witness the breathtaking mountains of Zhangjiajie (featured in the movie. Avatar), climb the Great Wall, and explore the many UNESCO World Heritage sites that China has to offer. China is a country with endless opportunities for adventure and is a place not to be missed.


You will be provided with a free, 2-week hotel stay upon arrival in China. This hotel stay will give you time to explore your new city and get familiar with your new surroundings. We offer full support when finding an apartment by providing a cash advance and a list of agents to help guide you through the initial lease signing.

Package up to 16,400 RMB

  • 12,000 – 15,000 RMB monthly, based on experience 
  • 8,000 RMB annual flight allowance 
  • Performance bonus after 6 months up to 1,950 RMB per month at our Kids & Teens schools 
  • Sponsored legal Z work visa 
  • 10,000 RMB salary advance available 
  • Health insurance 
  • 10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays 
  • Free airport pick-up upon arrival 
  • Free hotel for your first two weeks while onboarding 
  • Sponsoredaccreditations including Cambridge TKT, Trinity CertTESOL, Trinity DipTESOL and DELTM 
  • Free Mandarin Chinese lessons, if you’d like to learn 
  • Weekly EF sponsored social & cultural events 
  • Employee discount scheme 
  • Job rotation scheme 

We would like to meet you, if you:


  • Have a Bachelor’s degree 
  • Want to live abroad for at least 1 year 
  • Are adventurous and open-minded 
  • Have a TEFL certification (if you don’t, don’t worry, we offer sponsorship worth $500) 
  • Are a passport holder from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand (due to visa regulations)

What our teachers say about their experience with EF in China

“Working for English First has been an amazing experience. I’ve met people from all over the world and travelled in Asia during my vacations. There’s a real sense of community among the teachers, we all support each other and I’ve built some great friendships.”


“At EF, we tend to share the same sense of adventure and community. We talk about new places to visit and things to do. Being a teacher is not a desk job. It’s hectic and can be hard work, but also fun. There’s something that surprises me every day working in China that I know I wouldn’t find anywhere else.”





“I’ve been with English First for 3 years now. I started as a teacher and now I’m an academic manager. My plan was to stay for 1 year, but English First has development courses and more certifications that I’ve chosen to take over time allowing me to progress into management.”


About EF English First

EF English First, a division of EF Education First, 

is the world’s leading privately owned education company.


Founded in 1965, EF operates in over 50 countries around the world. We have vacancies for teaching positions across China so if you prefer the fast paced city life like Shanghai, or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city, we probably have the position for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We never use Chinese in the classroom, don’t worry if you think that sounds strange, when you do our sponsored TEFL course it will become clear how we do this. Most cities in China have English road signs and English metro stations. Most restaurants have food in English, if not they generally have pictures. Learning some basic survival Chinese when you arrive, such as addresses for taxis and some food is recommended though just to make things a bit easier. In most large cities you can even order food using apps in English.

Yes, although it does depend on your lifestyle. The salary in RMB is above average for China so there’s normally some left at the end of the month to save or to pay off student loans. If you share an apartment with other teachers and eat Chinese food you will have more left than if you have your own place and eat western style food every day.

Yes. Previous teaching experience is not necessary, but is valued if you have it. We will give you all the skills you need to help you feel confident standing in a classroom. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject we can help you with the rest.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust, we have a community of over 2000 English teachers in China who help and support each other. We have our own social network for teachers to ask questions and look for assistance. Along with that we have organized social and cultural events for our teachers most of which are free, to help them meet other teachers and to understand Chinese culture.

Don’t worry, everybody has questions it’s understandable. The best thing to do is apply so that we have all your details and can make sure you meet the visa requirements. Once we know that, one of our recruiters will contact you for an initial chat before moving to interview. This is the best time to ask those initial questions, others can be asked at interview.


Official Language Training Supplier to 6 Olympic Games

Winner of the Highest Employee Satisfaction Award by China Business Journal 2015

National Five Star Gold Teacher Team Award from Sina.com

Recipient of the China Charity Festival’s Innovative Charity Award

Holder of 2 Guinness World records

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